Over the past 2 – 3 years i have been actively providing a 100% free website hosting platform for my country of origin, Zimbabwe as well as for its neighbor, South Africa. My reasons for doing so were quite simple really. It was not because i do not want money and neither was it because i had too much of it and did not know what to do with it. Quite the contrary.

Growing up in a third world country you note some advantages that people who grow up in developed nations have. Functional state-of-the-art I.T. infrastructure is one advantage you would find in a developed country yet not in a developing one. Free WiFi hotspot areas, for example, are as common in London as trees in the savanna yet in Harare they are like oases in a digital desert! Worse still our service providers tend to exploit the masses yet their offering will be substandard forcing the populous to contend with it as there are no alternatives. For this reason, few small companies can afford to get online as compared to similar businesses in first world nations. My overall goal therefore, in launching a free hosting service, was to provide such companies with readily available, zero charge access to global markets. Africa has the largest global population of organic Agricultural producers, though most of these farmers do it on a subsistence basis. Global trends reflect a high demand for organic produce and now iv made you aware that best place to get it is in Africa. How to connect the rural African farmer to a willing American shopper however is no easy feat – enter free web hosting.

Earn a living from free hosting

Through the years i have realized that as hosting companies, we could earn a decent living from providing zero hosting! The best way to earn money in my opinion is to assist others in making money. After we launched Free Web Hosting Africa, the more users we on-boarded to the platform and assisted to grow, the more likely it was that they grew beyond the limits of the resources we offered and thereafter upgraded to the paid hosting platform! Its simple really. Provide a growing company with the bare essentials to own an online presence, help and cultivate their efforts so they reach their target market and then provide the upgrade they can now afford.

We live in a fish-eat-fish world where more people are concerned about their own gains and care very little about others but if we just once honored the spirit of UBUNTU, (Google it, you will love it) and assisted to propel each other forward, we all end up gaining more. In this case, over and above the financial rewards, we would gain something even more important.

The open source fanatic in me dreams of a digital utopia where every hosting company provides free hosting access to those who cannot afford it and enables them to grow then reap the benefits when they do grow through upgrades and better resource packages. This may be a pipe dream of course but i can still play my part in realizing this Utopian society. Share your thoughts on the zero hosting matter please. Do you feel like it could be feasible to achieve this dream?