Who Am I Really?

I am a kowledgeable yet very adaptable and versatile individual who learns through trial and error. I develop the most alluring websites as well as graphics yet never officially studied for it. With over 10 years of development experience under my belt, you are in the greatest hands imaginable. Scroll through this site and select anything from the menu to learn more. I cannot wait to work with you..

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers a vast plethora of services all geared towards the use of technology to reach out to clients. The most popular digital marketing tools in this age include Social Media advertising as well Website advertising. This form of advertising transcends beyond Social Media however to include Television and Radio advertising as well as Online Publications and Listings. As technology advances, the scope of these services grows as well and keeping abreast of these is my specialty.

I specialize in managing Social Media pages as well as online ad campaigns. With over 7 years proven experience in Social Media Management in Southern Africa, i will draft a strategy, set realistic KPIs, launch & measure R.O.I. from campaigns. I provide free consulting services on Social Media Management so feel free to request a call on the Homepage. A flat fee of US$30/month per platform is the charge for the management service. Below are some brands, products & services promoted;

Carex Condoms Zimbabwe & Zambia

Fantasy Condoms Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Sables

Free Web Hosting Africa

Zim Digital & Social Media Awards



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