Bukhosi Mhlanga https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw Website Developer | Harare, Zimbabwe Mon, 29 Jun 2020 12:37:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.2 https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/cropped-Buks-Logo-Fav-32x32.jpg Bukhosi Mhlanga https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw 32 32 Hosting Companies MUST Provide Free Hosting packages? https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/2020/06/29/hosting-companies-must-provide-free-hosting-packages/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=hosting-companies-must-provide-free-hosting-packages https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/2020/06/29/hosting-companies-must-provide-free-hosting-packages/#respond Mon, 29 Jun 2020 12:28:18 +0000 https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/?p=637 Over the past 2 – 3 years i have been actively providing a 100% free website hosting platform for my country of origin, Zimbabwe as well as for its neighbor, South Africa. My reasons for doing so were quite simple really. It was not because i do not want money and neither was it because i had too much of it and did not know what to do with it. Quite the contrary.

Growing up in a third world country you note some advantages that people who grow up in developed nations have. Functional state-of-the-art I.T. infrastructure is one advantage you would find in a developed country yet not in a developing one. Free WiFi hotspot areas, for example, are as common in London as trees in the savanna yet in Harare they are like oases in a digital desert! Worse still our service providers tend to exploit the masses yet their offering will be substandard forcing the populous to contend with it as there are no alternatives. For this reason, few small companies can afford to get online as compared to similar businesses in first world nations. My overall goal therefore, in launching a free hosting service, was to provide such companies with readily available, zero charge access to global markets. Africa has the largest global population of organic Agricultural producers, though most of these farmers do it on a subsistence basis. Global trends reflect a high demand for organic produce and now iv made you aware that best place to get it is in Africa. How to connect the rural African farmer to a willing American shopper however is no easy feat – enter free web hosting.

Earn a living from free hosting

Through the years i have realized that as hosting companies, we could earn a decent living from providing zero hosting! The best way to earn money in my opinion is to assist others in making money. After we launched Free Web Hosting Africa, the more users we on-boarded to the platform and assisted to grow, the more likely it was that they grew beyond the limits of the resources we offered and thereafter upgraded to the paid hosting platform! Its simple really. Provide a growing company with the bare essentials to own an online presence, help and cultivate their efforts so they reach their target market and then provide the upgrade they can now afford.

We live in a fish-eat-fish world where more people are concerned about their own gains and care very little about others but if we just once honored the spirit of UBUNTU, (Google it, you will love it) and assisted to propel each other forward, we all end up gaining more. In this case, over and above the financial rewards, we would gain something even more important.

The open source fanatic in me dreams of a digital utopia where every hosting company provides free hosting access to those who cannot afford it and enables them to grow then reap the benefits when they do grow through upgrades and better resource packages. This may be a pipe dream of course but i can still play my part in realizing this Utopian society. Share your thoughts on the zero hosting matter please. Do you feel like it could be feasible to achieve this dream?

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How to begin your digital journey in Zimbabwe https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/2020/06/23/how-to-begin-your-digital-journey-in-zimbabwe/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-begin-your-digital-journey-in-zimbabwe https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/2020/06/23/how-to-begin-your-digital-journey-in-zimbabwe/#respond Tue, 23 Jun 2020 02:02:21 +0000 https://bukhosimhlanga.co.zw/?p=633 The growth of the digital space in Zimbabwe is eclipsed by prohibitive data prices, poor infrastructure, expensive devices/gadgets, as well as misinformation on the part of our leaders. This has vastly affected the way we do business and eroded our regional, and by extension, global competitive edge. As a website development company in Zimbabwe, it is necessary that we provide some of the information that is lacking to all individuals and Corporate bodies. This articles seeks to provide you with the necessary tools to get your brand started on a clean digital journey.

Web Development Zimbabwe

Get On Social Media

The great tool in existence today for digital marketing is Social Media. Of course traditional media platforms like Television and Radio also fall in this same category but their effectiveness has long since been thwarted by the advent of Social Media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp make it so much easy for brands to reach out to their target market at zero cost.Messaging that appeals to your market segment is the currency for these platforms and an individual or entity that masters this art will realize conversions without spending much money on it. Whatsapp and Facebook marketing and sales groups play an integral role in building awareness for the brand. Much like traditional advertising measures, discounts, sales, special offers etc also appeal to Social Media users and should never be underrated.

Website Development Zimbabwe

Over the last decade the web development industry in Zimbabwe has witnessed an increase in the requests for Websites. Our nation has finally joined the global community in embracing online sales. Even the number of good web development companies in Zimbabwe has increased thereby leading to a reduction in the average cost of owning one. It is essential for every business, brand or personality to own their space on the World Wide Web as it not only fosters credibility but it reflects a high level of professionalism.Social Media platforms do provide a means to showcase and sell products online but the level of customization for corporate uniformity is limited and thus insufficient. A website should never be considered as an expense or a liability to an entity. A website is an investment, an asset which should be closely monitored and maintained with the expectation of a return. ROIs from websites come in the form of actual monetary earnings or sales conversions.

Optimize All Your Digital Content

Most web development companies in Zimbabwe face a challenge when a client requests a website and sends a company profile. Text that is meant to be indexed by search engines needs to be optimized if it will be truly effective. Key words, google friendly and human friendly are all words associated with the quality of content posted online. Images also have to be optimized to improve page load speeds. Most times websites will end up with poorly formatted text simply copied and pasted from a well written company profile which reduces chances of getting a return on the investment. As a client you must strictly request and pay for additional content creation and copy-writing services. Insist on it even for in the end it benefits you.

Pay For Digital Advertising

It is understandable that precious few people feel the inclined to fork out to advertise on a platform they access free of charge. True it may seem like a waste but the overall benefits can never be discounted. Some companies in existence today advertise solely via Google and are making a decent living. This is because these platforms will provide better services and incentives to those who pay which propel them further than those who depend on organic traffic.

Constant Content Creation

This is the best way to acquire and engage organic traffic. People only search for content that is relevant to them and mostly after reading an article, they tend to never open that same article again. Keep your audience engaged by constantly posting new content that keeps them glued to your content. This promotes engagement and fosters conversions. A constantly updated mixture of images, videos and text will keep things vibrant and exciting on your platform.


There are of course so many more considerations that all add up to enhance your S.E.O. and i am available to provide that information and even implement it for you so do not hesitate to hit me up in the comments section.

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