Who Am I Really?

I am a kowledgeable yet very adaptable and versatile individual who learns through trial and error. I develop the most alluring websites as well as graphics yet never officially studied for it. With over 10 years of development experience under my belt, you are in the greatest hands imaginable. Scroll through this site and select anything from the menu to learn more. I cannot wait to work with you..

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization in Zimbabwe and South Africa is not as prominent as it should be. SEO, for short, involves getting websites to rank higher against competitors and appearing as the foremost results in search engine queries. Search Engine is an ongoing process that, if done effectively, should span a few months before results start to show and if continued, results start to impress.

Being number 1 on Google is not as easy as it sounds and neither is it even guaranteed, however, i have the necessary experience to go through the processes required to achieve this result. I can also help with basic SEO, specifically, submitting your sitemap to Google and getting your website listed within 72 hours. Request free consultancy on this service



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