Who Am I Really?

I am a kowledgeable yet very adaptable and versatile individual who learns through trial and error. I develop the most alluring websites as well as graphics yet never officially studied for it. With over 10 years of development experience under my belt, you are in the greatest hands imaginable. Scroll through this site and select anything from the menu to learn more. I cannot wait to work with you..

Website Design & Development

A professionally executed online presence is very essential for every business operating in our time. Modern day customers run digital searches on their devices when they seek particular services or products and because of this, it is absolutely essential for every business to be readily available and easily identifiable on this digital arena. Traditional marketing methods are becoming more obsolete as the world embraces technology and global pandemics, like Covid-19 have illuminated the importance of companies embracing digital marketing based strategies.

Over the last decade, i have worked on and contributed to over 500 websites. I created all manner of websites to include corporate, blogs, personal, e-commerce, and classifieds. This experience i have been able to accrue is availed on each new project i undertake. 

Websites are an investment and as such, value-for-money websites cost an arm and a leg. Its been my goal to make websites as affordable as possible for SMEs and sole traders. To this end, i co-founded and am CEO of a revolutionary platform, Free Web Hosting Africa and through it, i have been creating websites for as little as US$100. The most i charge for a single website is US$450. Below are a few of these websites:

The Pulse Group

Eagle Vision Church

DD Tamarisk


Ella Apparel

Zimbabwe Sables

Spirit Glass


Homezone Company

Ella Apparel

Zim Maids SA

Tasimba Energy

Binding Careers

Thapelo Renovations

Wild Trekkers Lodge



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